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The ROSL legacy lives on

Over the past 111 years, ROSL has been lucky enough to count some hugely supportive members of society amongst its ranks, who have served ROSL as members and officials for years and even decades in some cases. They have also left behind generous legacies which will help support and nourish us for many more years to come

We are sorry to announce the recent passing of Sir Colin Imray (pictured above), who served as ROSL Chairman from 2000 to 2005. Born in Newport in 1933, Colin led a distinguished diplomatic career with postings in Australia and Kenya, as British Trade Commissioner in Canada, Consul General in Pakistan, and Deputy High Commissioner in India, among others. As well as serving on ROSL’s Central Council and as Chairman, he was also Patron of the Friends of the Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed and a member of the Travellers Club.

Former Director-General Robert Newell said: “I was particularly fond of him. He was one of the very best ROSL chairmen, a very wise and eminent person with enormous charm and intellect.”

Former Chairman Stanley Martin said: “Colin Imray was my oldest and closest friend in the Diplomatic Service for over 60 years. We met in 1958, when I took over his desk on my first day in the Service. As a newcomer hoping for help if I needed it, I was dismayed when he said he was off to his first posting – in Australia, which then sounded as far away as the moon. When ROSL was looking for a Chairman at the end of the century, I suggested Colin. He was elected to the Central Council and his modesty, charm, and intelligence soon won over his new colleagues. Colin Imray was a fine man, who enriched the life of ROSL as a fine Chairman.”

Colin Imray was a fine man, who enriched the life of ROSL as a fine Chaiman

We have also recently lost Marilyn Archbold (also pictured above), who joined ROSL in 1961, met her husband at the club and would go on to serve on Central Council, as Chair of the West Sussex Branch and as Vice Chairman for five years from 2006.

Speaking to Overseas in 2018, Marilyn recounted how she met her husband: “I was sitting at the desk in the Central Lounge one evening and someone I recognised from work, Norman, came in and exclaimed ‘What are you doing here?’ I never in my wildest dreams, imagined that I was meeting my future husband. Unknown to me, he was a member of the club and would have meetings in London on a Wednesday and stay at the clubhouse on a Tuesday night. Sometimes he would drive me home and that’s how things developed.”

Former Central Council member Patricia Farrant has also recently passed away at the age of 93. A member of the London Group and a keen follower of ROSL’s artistic output, she also lent her expertise to several ROSL committees.

Former Director-General Roddy Porter said: “Patricia made a clear impression on me. She possessed a keen sense of humour and when she laughed, as she frequently did, her eyes would twinkle in amusement. I much appreciated her wisdom, especially whilst I was new to the workings of Central Council and the Executive Committee. She had a deep passion for ROSL and everything it stood for, which found expression in the way she cared for staff and fellow members. We are the poorer for her passing.”

A huge thank you to all those who have served ROSL in their lives and continue to do so, through the generous legacies that have been left to the organisation.

She had a deep passion for ROSL and everything it stood for