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ROSL Trust’s new link with Uganda

Margaret Adrian-Vallance reports on how the Trust is supporting Bridge of Hope’s work in Kampala

In September, the ROSL Trust agreed to support a funding application from Bridge of Hope, a UK-registered charity that sponsors the education of children and young adults in developing countries around the world.

The Patron is Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub and the Chairman of Trustees is Robert Newell, former ROSL Director-General who retired in 2011. “Education keeps our world moving and quite literally changes lives,” says Sir Magdi.

In Uganda, the charity focuses on sponsoring children who are suffering from disability, which can be an added burden for very poor families.

ROSL Trust will therefore be helping a young girl with Down syndrome living in Kampala to a single-parent family. Her mother cannot afford to send her to school and they live in a shanty town on the outskirts of the capital.

ROSL will fund her attending the Hungry Caterpillar School in Kampala. The school fees per term are £144 (700,000 Ugandan Shillings) which comes to £432 a year, according to the current exchange rate.

The second child is a post heart-operation patient through the medical charity Chain of Hope and his family cannot afford to pay for his medical follow up as well as his school fees.

He is a bright child and will be going to Kibuli Secondary School with ROSL support.

The progress and well-being of both will be monitored by Bridge of Hope representatives in Kampala with feedback to the Bridge of Hope in London and ROSL.

ROSL’s commitment is for four years with a reassessment after two.

“We have not engaged with Uganda before in connection with Education Projects and are very pleased to be doing so now,” said ROSL Trust Chairman Clive Carpenter.

In other news, it was great to have a video from ROSL’s University Bursary recipient Antony Wareru in Kenya via his mobile. This was included in the five-minute video shown during the ROSL Trust Webinar on 29 September which can be seen via the ROSL website and YouTube.

Education keeps our world moving and quite literally changes lives