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ROSL has a strong relationship with Riverley Primary School through its recent work with The Griffin Schools Trust in supporting music education.

ROSL searches for its first Artist-in-Residence

ROSL’s longstanding commitment to the arts and education are being combined in a new role at ROSL and Riverley Primary School, which is generously funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Splitting their time between Over-Seas House and Riverley Primary School in Leyton, East London, the Artist-in-Residence will spend 10-12 weeks exploring the history and heritage of ROSL’s clubhouse while also working with pupils from Riverley, supporting them to reflect on their own differing community experiences of heritage alongside that of Over-Seas House.

With the pupils visiting the clubhouse, the Artist-in-Residence will create workshops on themes of heritage, community and home, with both the artist and pupils creating artworks that will be showcased at ROSL and at the school as part of their Annual Griffin Arts Festival.

Many of the pupils have rarely left their own part of East London or discovered the exceptional heritage of Central London. They may not feel that buildings such as Over-Seas House have a connection to their own lives, and we wish to share our heritage with the pupils to enable them to gain information on these buildings, increase confidence in their knowledge over the histories and purposes of these types of buildings, and to increase their skills in making creative responses to Over-Seas House and the purpose of ROSL in Central London.